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Evenfall Studios was destroyed on
11-8-2018 in the "Camp Fire"
wildfire in Northern California.

Evenfall Studios - Tooling, Fixtures and Jigs for Hand and Power Tool Woodworking

Our home and business was located in Paradise, California. My wife and I evacuated with a little clothing, blankets and few personal items. That's about it. There was not a lot of time.

Evenfall Studios, our family business, was best known for making precision woodworking tools for furniture and cabinetmaking. We made tools since 2008.

We have lost our home, and business. Thankfully my wife is still employed. I have lost my employment and shop that took 35 years to build, as well as all my tools.

Evenfall Studios - After the devestating fire

This is what remains of our home and workshop.
After being allowed back to assess the damage, we were unable to find anything inside our home and shop and that we could recover. Even things that were outside in the yard were badly damaged.

We are starting over. We are thankful for those who have donated to help us with the basics of life. There are many in our area in the same situation. Post disaster, over 35,000 people have been displaced. There is little available housing locally. Employment is scarce.

I believe my best bet is to find a way back into self-employment.

Any amount you can contribute will help us recover and help get Evenfall Studios back in operation.

We are not able to offer shooting boards at this time. Currently I have no shop machines, nor the space to operate a production woodworking shop. Perhaps we can offer them again in the future. For now, I am hopeful that there will be items that I can make and offer with a minimal shop in the near future. I'm still working on some of the tool pieces of that puzzle.

Below is a Donation Button.
If you would like to make a donation, it will help us get back in business and rebuild.
Any amount you can afford will help us greatly.

We are thankful for any help.

Rob and Kristy Hanson


We are still able to offer top quality, commercial upgrade attachments for
Shop Style Vacuums such as Rigid, Shop Vac, Craftsman, Festool and Others.
Shipping is only available to US Customers.
Please see our store for ordering details.


We offer several ways to purchase.
If you prefer to NOT use PayPal or PayPal Card Processing,
we can process your order via telephone with non PayPal Card Processing.
Credit, Debit and Gift cards.
Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, JCB.
Please Contact Us via email to arrange for a call to make your purchases.

Our Shopping Cart Always Offers Industry Standard
Secure Socket Layer 3.0 (SSL) 128 Bit https Protection.
You will always have full encryption "locked" security when making your purchases.


Our Tools and Products for Spring 2019!

Shop Vacuum Hoses,
Tools and Accessories.

Workshop Tested Cleaning and Dust Collection Accessories.
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Power Tool Dust Collection, Commercial Quality Wands & Attachments
For maintaining your shop, it's tools,
and improved quality workmanship.

We are U.S. Veteran Owned.

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